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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Here at The Literati Quarterly we focus on expanding the literary and artistic. Our main goal and passion is to find original "speculative fiction" told in flash-fiction and traditional short story form. We define “speculative fiction” broadly but we love science-fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and related genres. We also publish poetry which is our soul. 

We want our perspective stories and poems to represent the full diversity of our writers — people of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class, and ability, as well as characters, settings or themes that reflect these experiences.

We are also interested in poetry presented through video or a videography way. 

Without exception we do not publish previously published work. We alone choose who we wish to solicite previously published work from. It is what it is.

We also seek art - photographic and well any medium that can be expressed digitally. 

We publish quarterly - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Please note we will not read anything over 18,000 words.

What rights does that give you? Our contract covers the right to publish the story at The Literati Quarterly and her affiliates as well as any related electronic endeavors. We also ask for several other rights: translation, audio, and the right to include the story in our anthologies. All rights we acquire are also exclusive for a year and a day and are non-exclusive after that.

How to submit: Submissions should be in something approximating standard manuscript format and be sent as *.doc, *docx, *.rtf, or plain-text attachments. If you get that part right, we don’t care all that much about the particulars of your formatting—just use common sense. Make sure to include your bio.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions? You mean, can you submit the story to someone else while it’s on submission to us? Please don’t. There are few things editors hate more than falling in love with something and then finding out it’s been sold to someone else. It is like that girl or guy that got away. We remember that shit forever.

Your bio and links: If your work is accepted, we'll publish your author bio along with it. We're also glad to link to your website(s) and any social networking accounts you may have.
 If you have books available on Amazon or other websites, you're welcome to include those links, too. We want to help you get the word out about your work!

We'll be in touch: We'll respond to your submission as soon as we can. In most cases you can expect to have our decision within 1-10 weeks. It depends on our current workload and the length of your submission.

Finally - edit, edit, edit!!! We can not stress this enough. 

Have questions? Feel free to email the editor at

Thanks so much for your interest in The Literati Quarterly!

All the best!

Joschua Beres, Founder and Editor

The Literati Quarterly

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